Pros and Cons of Popular Treatments for Missing Teeth

When it comes to addressing missing teeth, some treatment options are more popular than others. These are the prosthetics that have a proven track record of being an effective way to replace missing teeth.

The one option patients should never consider is living with missing teeth. This leads to a range of dental issues, as well as lower-self-esteem. The combination of these things can have a significant implant on a person's social interactions and professional life.

Most dentists agree that implants are the best way to deal with missing teeth, but these are also the most expensive option. Other alternatives do not provide all the benefits that come with implants, but they do allow patients to restore the look and function of the missing teeth.

Most popular options for replacing missing teeth

1. Implants

An implant not only replaces the appearance and function of a tooth, it also replaces the roots. These roots serve two important functions: keeping the tooth secured to the jawbone and the latter properly stimulated.

When the bone tissue in the jaw is not being properly stimulated, it tends to disintegrate. This can lead to changes in a person's facial appearance, making them appear older and more wrinkled. Implants are surgically inserted into the patient's jawbone, and it is given up to seven months to properly fuse with the patient's jawbone. Once it is fully fused, a crown is placed on it.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Promotes healthy jawbone tissue
  • A permanent solution that can last a lifetime
  • Looks just like a real tooth


  • The entire process can take up to seven months
  • It is the most expensive option
  • Requires surgery
  • The patient needs to have healthy jawbone tissue to be eligible for implants

2. Dentures

Here is the most affordable way to replace missing teeth. A full set of dentures can cost less than the price of a single implant. Dentures can be used to replace a few missing teeth or an entire mouth. Traditional dentures consist of two parts: a framework that connects the device to the patient's jaw and a set of artificial teeth.

Dentures are kept in place using suction forces and adhesives.


  • Affordable solution
  • Helps patients regain the function of lost teeth
  • Quality dentures look natural
  • No need for surgery
  • Prevents alignment issues


  • Prone to constant movements
  • Not as durable as implants
  • Comes with time-consuming cleaning needs
  • Not a long-lasting solution like implants
  • Requires the use of dental adhesives
  • Does not inhibit bone tissue loss

3. Bridges

Bridges are an effective way to fill up the gaps created by missing teeth. The bridge is connected to the two closest teeth to the gap on both sides after crowns have been placed on them.


  • Blends in with natural teeth
  • A cheaper alternative to implants
  • Easier to clean than dentures
  • Stays in permanently once installed


  • Does not address bone tissue loss
  • Can be difficult to floss around
  • More expensive than dentures

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