When Do You Need Denture Repair?

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Denture repair is an unavoidable part of wearing dentures. These dental prosthetics are made to be durable and strong, but they are not anywhere as tough as other prosthetics like implants or real teeth. Simple things like biting on hard treats or accidentally dropping dentures while cleaning them can lead to the prosthetic being damaged.

The false teeth that come with dentures can also become damaged and misaligned with regular use.

What is wrong with wearing damaged dentures

Wearing poorly-aligned or otherwise damaged dentures can lead to a variety of dental problems. For starters, broken dentures tend to move about more in the wearer's mouth, and this can lead to the gums being irritated and the development of mouth sores. These sores can end up becoming infected if the patient continues wearing the damaged dentures.

Some patients make the mistake of trying to repair dentures on their own, but that often makes things worse. Damaged dentures should only be repaired by a dental lab technician or a dentist. The way denture repairs usually work, the prosthetic is sent to a lab where a trained professional performs the needed repairs. The dentist inspects the device before sending it to the lab and provides instructions for the technician to follow.

Proper denture education is vital

After getting dentures, it is normal for dentists to educate their patients about the proper ways to maintain them and what to do if any damage occurs. Dentures are prone to wearing down over time, and people's jawbones are always growing. The changes in the wearer's jaw are one of the most common reasons why dentures need to be repaired in the first place. It makes them loose, which makes things uncomfortable for the wearer. Loose dentures are continually rubbing against the soft tissue in the mouth, leading to irritation and other oral issues. Loose dentures can also lead to embarrassment as they are prone to falling out of the patient's mouth at the worst times possible.

Patients dealing with damaged dentures are advised to take the prosthetic to the dentist as soon as possible. A simple adjustment might be all the device needs, or it may need to have one of its components that have broken off reinserted. If the dentist deems the damage is too severe to be restored, the patient will be advised to purchase a new one.

The good news is that denture repair often does not take much time. Some repairs take less than an hour while the patient waits at the clinic, and the prices of these repairs are generally low. As a general rule, the longer it takes to complete the repairs, the more expensive it is.

Risks of denture repairs

When dentures are repaired by a qualified professional, there is almost no risk of the problem being made worse. However, that is not the case when people try their luck repairing dentures on their own. They usually end up using toxic materials or repair the dentures, or they end up damaging it further.

Contact one of our dentists if you have a set of dentures that need to be repaired. We can help guide you in getting the repairs completed without damaging the dentures further.

Let the pros handle it, contact us today!

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