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Restoring Long-Term Soft Tissue Health

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A Healthy Smile Starts with Your Gums

We all know the importance of taking care of our teeth, but are you aware that your gums are just as important to keep healthy? Gums play a big role in the health of your entire mouth, including keeping your teeth stable and sealing out harmful bacteria. Without healthy and functional soft tissues, you can experience anything from tooth sensitivity and self-consciousness in the appearance of your smile to infection and even tooth loss. When gum disease, gum recession, or other conditions threaten the function and aesthetics of your smile, turn to our team at You Smile Dental for personalized soft tissue treatment in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA.

Benefiting from Soft Tissue Treatment

Personalized Periodontal Services

Our dentists at You Smile Dental are highly skilled in soft tissue treatments and utilize innovative techniques to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We also provide custom sedation options to help you experience a relaxed and calming appointment. With gentle and personalized care, we can restore the health of your gums and improve your smile’s overall appearance and function! Common soft tissue treatment in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA, include the following:



When the tongue or upper lip is restricted by a tight frenulum leading to tongue-tie or lip-tie, a frenectomy gently releases this tissue to restore proper function and movement. A frenectomy in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA can be completed on both children and adults, sometimes with a dental laser.


Gum Grafting

Gum recession can lead to tooth sensitivity, an uneven gum line, infection, and even loose teeth. Traditional gum grafting involves taking a portion of soft tissue from the patient’s mouth or using a donor graft to cover the exposed teeth while improving health and function.


Crown Lengthening

A “gummy” smile can cause self-consciousness and even functional issues without proper treatment. A crown lengthening procedure removes the excess of soft tissues and bone around the teeth to improve smile symmetry. Crown lengthening may also be completed to create room for a restoration, such as a dental crown.



Peri-implantitis is a gum infection affecting the function and security of a dental implant. Treatment for peri-implantitis involves eliminating the bacterial plaque and tartar from around the dental implant post, trimming damaged gums, and bone grafting to restore implant stability.


Scaling and Root Planing

Non-surgical scaling and root planing is the first step of gum disease treatment. Dental scaling involves removing the hardened plaque (calculus) on the teeth above and below the gumline. Root planing smooths the surfaces of the teeth to reduce the accumulation of bacteria.



Gum disease is an infection that can quickly destroy oral structures without timely treatment. To reduce the deep pockets that develop around teeth due to infection, a gingivectomy is performed that removes these damaged tissues. Healthy gums are left to reattach to teeth.


Osseous Surgery

Advanced stages of gum disease irreversibly harm the gum tissue, damage bone, and affect the stability of teeth. Osseous surgery for advanced periodontal disease involves flapping back gum tissues to gain access to the bacteria and calculus accumulation on the teeth. Diseased gums are trimmed, antibiotics and bone grafts are placed, and the tissue is sutured back in place.


Laser Gum Surgery

Gentle laser therapy for gum disease can quickly and comfortably vaporize bacteria, eradicate diseased tissue, and cauterize the tissues in the pockets between teeth. Laser dentistry has many benefits, including a more pain-free treatment, faster healing, and reduced risk for postoperative complications, including infection.


Periodontal Maintenance

After active gum disease treatment is complete, routine deep cleanings called periodontal maintenance are necessary to prevent re-infection. Completed every 3-4 months, this maintenance includes clearing bacteria and calculus from the teeth at and below the gum line and evaluation of pocket depth and symptoms like swollen gums that bleed easily.

Get healthy gums for life.

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