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"4 Fantastic Benefits of Full Arch Implants"

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The Power of a New Smile

If you have many hopeless or missing teeth, you most likely realize the impact this has on your daily life and endure many painful and embarrassing situations every day. In the past, the only way to remedy this situation was with a removable denture. Whether or not you wear dentures now, know that there is a significantly better alternative and a permanent solution with dental implants! With a permanent new set of teeth secured to dental implants, you won’t have to live a day longer with the debilitation of missing teeth or limitations of dentures. Your teeth will remain stable for eating, your health will improve, and you’ll experience a boost in your confidence and quality of life. It’s time to live life fully restored and experience the power of a new smile with full mouth dental implants in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA! Schedule your consultation with our team at You Smile Dental to learn if you qualify today.

Expect More than Attractive Teeth

Today, most full mouth restorative solutions can provide a set of teeth that look life-like. But not all these options offer the same long-term functional or health benefits. Modern removable dentures may look attractive if custom-made, but only deliver the minimal functionality needed to bite and chew foods properly. Implant supported dentures are an upgrade in stability, but still have functional limitations as well as the risk of the denture cracking or breaking.

The only solution with unmatched strength, functionality, and natural aesthetics are full mouth dental implants in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA. Fully supported by 4-8 dental implants secured in your jaw, this solution restores over 98% of original dental function with strong teeth that look and feel completely natural. More than an attractive smile, full arch dental implants keep your jawbone and facial features intact while helping you regain your oral and overall health. A total transformation in your quality of life!

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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Three Phases to a New Smile


Planning Phase

The first phase of your treatment begins with a personalized consultation and evaluation. From here, we can determine a custom treatment plan based on your oral health condition, smile goals, and budget. This planning phase is critical to the outcome of your treatment and involves 3D imaging and surgical software to map out your dental implant placement and eventual design of your set of teeth. We’ll determine if you require preliminary treatments such as tooth extractions and bone grafting and whether these need to be completed before your surgery or during the same appointment.


Surgical Phase

The surgical phase of your treatment involves the placement of the dental implants in your jawbone. Depending on your case and preferences, we may place zygomatic dental implants if you have severe bone loss or ceramic dental implants if you desire a more natural option. Implant surgery requires significant experience and skill to ensure they’re placed in the most ideal locations to support your new set of teeth long-term. This surgery generally takes less than a few hours and is comfortable with help from our sedation services. In many cases, we’re able to achieve high primary stability of the dental implants so that a provisional can be immediately attached. You’ll have functional, attractive teeth during the months you heal from surgery and allow the implants to integrate with your jawbone.


Restorative Phase

Your restorative phase is where the biggest transformation happens! During this phase, you’ll receive your final custom set of teeth that you’ll have potentially for the rest of your life. First, you’ll have impressions taken, which will be used to digitally design your new set of teeth. We generally recommend a zirconia fixed bridge
due to its incredible strength and natural look and feel. Once this permanent set of teeth has been custom-designed and fabricated, we’ll attach them to your dental implants. Expect a complete return to dental function and natural smile aesthetics—and a better quality of life!

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Affordable Financing for Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA are arguably the best choice you can make for your long-term health, confidence, and quality of life. But this doesn’t stop our patients from feeling nervous about the cost. To ensure our full arch treatments are affordable for all patients, we provide secure financing through CareCredit®. This financing option offers a fast and easy application process, instant approval for qualifying patients, and personalized monthly payment plans to fit any budget. Don’t let your concerns about cost keep you from pursuing the permanent benefits of our full mouth dental implants at You Smile Dental! We are here to help ensure a comfortable treatment at an affordable price, so you can renew your confidence and quality of life!

A New Smile is Just the BeginningIt’s time to restore your life.

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