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The Need for Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease often starts quietly. At first, you may notice your gums appear more red and tender than usual, bleeding whenever you brush and floss. When plaque and calculus are allowed to accumulate on your teeth, the bacteria start to cause infection and inflammation. If left unchecked, this infection will progress and lead to more than tender gums. Periodontal disease can lead to tooth and bone loss, and even aggravate systemic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. When gum disease strikes, our caring dental team at You Smile Dental provides effective and comfortable treatment to get your gum infection under control. We accept many dental insurances and partner with financing companies to ensure your treatment not only restores your oral health but does so within your budget, too. Don’t wait to contact us if you’re experiencing symptoms of gum disease in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA.

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Common Signs of Gum Disease

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Effective Treatment for Gum Disease

Depending on which stage of gum disease you’re experiencing, there is a chance it can be cured if it’s gingivitis. Otherwise, we can help you effectively manage your gum infection with targeted gum disease treatment and routine maintenance. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments for gum disease in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA, depending on your stage of infection and the severity of your case. We’ll start with a personalized consultation and examination. Next, we’ll design a comprehensive treatment plan that will include treating the infection, repairing lost tissues and bone, and routine periodontal maintenance. If you require surgery and are nervous, we offer custom sedation options to ensure your comfort. Whether you have gingivitis or advanced periodontal disease, we can help establish proper oral health again—and give you a healthier, more attractive smile.

Select Gum Disease Treatments


Scaling and Root Planing

A non-surgical treatment, scaling and root planing is generally the first gum disease treatment. Scaling eliminates the bacterial plaque from at and below the gumline. Root planing smooths the tooth surfaces to encourage healthy soft tissue reattachment and protect against future infection.



For certain stages of gum disease, removing damaged soft tissues is necessary to restore oral health. A gingivectomy procedure does this, along with reshaping the gums to be more symmetrical when sutured around the teeth to minimize periodontal pockets.


Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery is necessary for advanced periodontal disease in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA. It involves trimming the diseased gum tissue and replacing bone to restore support to the teeth. This procedure also removes the bacteria and calculus trapped in the deep pockets between the teeth.


Periodontal Maintenance

After effective gum disease treatment, periodontal maintenance is recommended to ensure it does not return. This procedure is more frequent (every 3-4 months) and involves a deep cleaning of the teeth above and below the gum line to remove bacteria and plaque. These deep cleanings often take the place of regularly scheduled hygiene appointments.


Laser Gum Surgery

For patients looking for an alternative to surgery for gum disease, laser gum therapy is an ideal choice. Laser gum treatment utilizes the powerful laser light technology to eradicate diseased tissues and bacterial. With a cauterizing effect, laser treatment minimizes bleeding, swelling, and discomfort while providing a predictable return to optimal health.

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