How Strong Are Porcelain Crowns?

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porcelain crowns

If you have never heard of porcelain crowns, but aren't quite sure what they consist of, they are tooth-shaped covers that the dentists put on your current tooth to improve their appearance and make them sturdier against wear.

Dentists usually recommend them after you suffer trauma to the tooth, causing cracks or breakage. Sometimes, it could be because of a discolored or malformed tooth, defective dental implant, or as an alternative solution of porcelain veneers for fillings. Dental crown placement is one of the services rendered by dentists.

The recent years have witnessed remarkable solutions in the field of dental technologies. There are now options that blend easily with the natural teeth that it would be difficult to distinguish. You may even become so accustomed to them that you forget they exist.

Made to Last For Years to Come!

Considering how many restorations fail to last, it is easy to be worried about the strength of porcelain crowns. This fear is normal because frequent us can take a toll on the tooth and may cause damage over time. If you have porcelain crowns, you should know how long it is going to take before you require another procedure.

At the mention of porcelain crowns, it is easy for you to think of the delicate fine china or dolls that must be placed beyond children’s reach because they break easily. Yes, porcelain is a fragile substance, and it is normal to wonder why the dentist would opt for such delicate on the teeth, considering the amount of biting and chewing that goes on in the mouth.

The truth is that porcelains are not fragile. The reason we think they are fragile is that many of the items we have known that are crafted from porcelain, like cups and dolls, are very breakable. In addition, the level of fragility is relative, which means the resilience of any item depends on the amount of force delivered to it.

Think about this; Regardless of any material used for the crown, a heavy force like a hammer will still do significant damage – the teeth will break or chip, so will porcelain veneers. However, for regular use like eating, porcelain is strong enough. In typical scenarios, normal biting and chewing will not damage them.

Nevertheless, continually exposing your teeth to undue stress and force may chip them. It is the case of using glass for our windows and doors, even though we know it will not be able to withstand hard balls. In most cases, the porcelain crown should last up to 15 years, although some have reported using them for 30 years.

You should remember that porcelain crowns are not resistant to cavities and fractures. This means you should take precautions when flossing and brushing. Also, we recommend using a mouth guard to shield the porcelain from injury and extend their lifespan.

What is the take here? We can always help!

The durability of the crown is mainly dependent on how well you observe proper oral hygiene, especially eliminating plaque. The crowns do not fail on their own because tooth hygiene is the most popular reason for crown failures. If you genuinely want your porcelain crowns to last, keep optimal oral health.

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