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Know When to Expect a Tooth Extraction

If you’ve suffered tooth trauma or you have a toothache due to untreated decay or infection, you may need a tooth extraction to keep your smile healthy. A damaged or abscessed tooth can quickly lead to more serious problems affecting your oral and even physical health if the root cause is gum disease. At You Smile Dental, our goal is always to save a natural tooth, but when this isn’t possible, a tooth extraction is the next best option. Our dentist provides comfortable tooth extractions in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA to quickly remedy your tooth pain and preserve your smile. With sedation dentistry, a calming atmosphere, and affordable pricing, we’ll make your tooth extraction, and the path to better oral health, surprisingly simple.

A Comfortable Tooth Extraction Process

At your consultation, we’ll first examine your painful tooth or teeth and determine if you will need a regular or wisdom tooth extraction. We accept many dental insurance providers and partner with third-party financing companies to ensure your treatment also fits within your budget. If you’re scheduled for tooth extraction in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA, this simply means the procedure was the best solution for your situation and for properly restoring your comfort and oral health.

For most patients, tooth extraction is a fast and efficient surgery that will be stress-free and comfortable with sedation. Our dentist and dental team routinely complete regular and wisdom tooth extraction procedures and are skilled in making them efficient and pain-free. Before you know it, your procedure will be over and you won’t experience any more tooth pain! It will take a few days to heal, during which time you may take over-the-counter medication for any discomfort. We’ll also review post-operative instructions with you in detail to ensure a healthy and comfortable recovery.

What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

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Special Post-Op Instructions

After any tooth extraction, it’s crucial that you take careful steps to ensure the recovery process goes as it should. A blood clot often forms inside an empty tooth socket during healing. If this doesn’t occur or if the blood clot is dislodged, it will expose the bone and nerves beneath. This results in a painful complication called dry socket. You can prevent dry socket and ensure a healthy recovery by following the post-op instructions you’ll receive for your surgery.

Your tooth extraction also doesn’t have to be the last stage of your treatment. We will often recommend that our patients replace their extracted tooth with a dental implant rather than a dental bridge. The only permanent tooth replacement, dental implants look and act just like natural teeth due to their similar structure—post (tooth root) and restoration (tooth crown). This tooth will look completely natural next to your existing teeth and provide all the same health and functional benefits. It’ll be as if you’d never had a tooth extracted in the first place!

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