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Missing Many or All Your Teeth?

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You Don’t Have to Choose Dentures

If you’re living with failing and missing teeth or wear dentures, you are probably experiencing painful or embarrassing situations every day. Today, thanks to dental implants, you can put all these uncomfortable limitations in the past for good! Dental implants help you live a healthy, confident life with options ranging from implant supported dentures in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA to permanent full mouth dental implants. These options have different advantages and drawbacks. Knowing your goals for treatment and what to expect can help you decide which solution is best for you. At You Smile Dental, our implant dentist provides personalized dental implant treatment to restore your smile, health, and quality of life!

Understanding Fixed Teeth Vs. Removable

You have two main options for replacing your missing teeth: fixed and removable. Dentures are the most affordable option but have the greatest number of limitations. These artificial acrylic teeth restore only 20% of original function and over time will need relines or replacement. A stable upgrade, implant supported dentures in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA are secured with two or more dental implants to restore 60% of oral function. However, they are still dentures, with similar limitations and problems over time.

Full mouth dental implants are the most ideal solution and the only permanent option. They are comprised of a fixed prosthetic tooth bridge secured to 4-8 dental implants. With this option, over 98% of dental function is restored with teeth that look and feel natural. You’ll be able to eat more foods, improve your health, and feel confident in yourself and around others. We encourage you to consider all your options, then schedule a consultation to receive an evaluation and personalized treatment plan.


Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Custom Solutions from an Experienced Team

Our dental implant team at You Smile Dental has been providing personalized and life-changing solutions for many years. Utilizing innovative surgical technology and implant systems, we consistently provide predictable treatment with amazing long-term outcomes. With our personalized treatments, you’ll receive a solution precisely fits your smile goals, oral health needs, and financial situation. Our treatment process is efficient and personalized, beginning with a consultation and evaluation at one of our dental offices in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA. Next, if necessary, you’ll undergo preliminary treatments like tooth extraction, bone grafting, or gum disease surgery to establish optimal oral health and a healthy foundation for new teeth.

We perform your dental implant surgery right in our dental office while you’re comfortably resting with our sedation services. This procedure is efficient and predictable with help from surgical technology and will be completed in just a few hours. In many cases, we can provide a custom provisional or modify your current denture, so you’ll have functional, life-like teeth as you heal. When this healing phase is complete, your final restoration will be custom-crafted to meet your exact smile goals along with our clinical recommendations for optimal long-term function and aesthetics. Once this restoration is secured to the implants, you can experience restored function, confidence, and quality of life—for life!

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Invest in Your Future Quality of Life

Our dental implant solutions in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA offer permanent improvements in your function, health, and confidence. We believe dental implants are a long-term investment in your quality of life. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, don’t assume this amazing solution is out of your budget! We partner with dental financing companies to help you afford dental implant treatment, no matter your financial situation. Our financial coordinator can help you apply for financing and secure a custom payment plan that fits your finances. You’ll find that the process is fast and simple! Many patients achieve instant approval, and at times, without a credit check! Don’t keep yourself from experiencing new life with dental implants because you’re concerned about the cost! We’re here to ensure all our patients receive affordable dental implants, and we encourage you to schedule your consultation or second opinion to learn more.

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