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Gain A Permanent, Natural-Looking Smile

If you need to replace your missing teeth or want an alternative to denture teeth, you have a superior choice in full mouth dental implants with a zirconia fixed bridge. Taking from years of experience in implant dentistry, our experienced dental team at You Smile Dental considers a zirconia fixed bridge in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA to be an ideal choice for patients who desire optimal function and aesthetics. Fully personalized to your smile, this fixed bridge of teeth is custom-made from a solid block of zirconia, one of the most life-like and durable materials to date. Zirconia is biocompatible and the natural color of teeth. Unlike acrylic dentures and even other full arch solutions, zirconia full mouth dental implants resist chipping, staining, and breaking. They also provide permanent function and aesthetics comparable to healthy natural teeth. A zirconia fixed bridge secured by dental implants is one of the best options for permanently replacing your hopeless or missing teeth!

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Experience Lasting Dental Function

Your zirconia fixed bridge has durability and strength similar to real teeth so you can bite and chew any kind of food. These bridges get their durability from how they’re made—from a solid block of zirconia, a strong material with comparable physical properties to titanium metal and aesthetic properties like natural teeth. Removable dentures and some hybrids are comprised of porcelain teeth glued into an acrylic (plastic) mold that fits over your gums. Zirconia bridges eliminate the limitations common with the two-material design of these traditional solutions. It’s purposefully designed to withstand everyday forces of eating without fracturing. When permanently fixed to dental implants, this system will help ensure your jawbone remains stimulated and healthy, too.

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Experience Beautiful Smile Aesthetics

In addition to its strength, a set of teeth made from zirconia has the natural color of real teeth. These features are currently unrivaled by any other material in dentistry today. This bridge is fully customized to your smile goals and to complement your facial features, lip and gum line, and skin tone. Your new full arch bridge will also be color-matched your natural gums and shaded to a whiteness you desire. Unlike porcelain and acrylic materials, the polished, smooth surface of the zirconia material will feel comfortable inside your mouth and resist cracking and staining. If you choose a zirconia fixed bridge in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA from our skilled team, you can expect your custom smile to provide natural aesthetics and durable function for years to come.

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How Much Does a Zirconia Fixed Bridge Cost?

We often recommend zirconia fixed bridges in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA because we’ve seen the truly life-changing results full arch dental implants with zirconia restorations can have on our patients. Always striving to offer the latest technology and techniques in implant dentistry, we knew we couldn’t compromise on your restorative options either. Although a more expensive solution than dentures or hybrids, this cost is immediately matched by the longevity and strength zirconia fixed bridges provide. If you opt for a zirconia bridge instead of a denture, you’ll be able to experience lifelong function from a beautiful, strong smile. We also do all we can to ensure that your zirconia fixed bridge and full mouth dental implant treatment is affordable as possible. We accept multiple insurance providers and partner with dental financing companies to help our treatment fit into any budget. If you’re considering other solutions for replacing your hopeless or missing teeth, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our experienced team today!

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