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It’s Possible to Restore a Beautiful Smile

If your teeth have suffered significant damage and some are missing, it can be nearly impossible to live a comfortable and confident life. You may feel like your smile is too far gone to ever be fully functional or attractive again. However, with our expertise and modern dental technology, this is not the case! Our dentist can restore complete health and beauty to even the most troubled teeth with full mouth reconstruction in Santa Clara and Fremont, CA.

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Understanding Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is comprised of a series of treatments that work together to restore all your broken, decayed, or missing teeth. Your treatment may include crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, orthodontics, and dental implants. Our dental team at You Smile Dental has years of experience in the procedures offered in full mouth reconstruction and has extensive knowledge of oral structures and facial anatomy. Using this expertise, we provide fully custom treatment tailored to your unique oral health situation and smile goals with help from innovative dental technology. We can give you a new smile and restore a comfortable and confident life with full mouth reconstruction!

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Who Needs a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are porcelain restorations that cap a damaged or treatedPorcelain or ceramic caps for broken or treated teeth. Crowns are custom-designed to restore the shape, size, and color of a tooth while providing comparable strength. Crowns are commonly used after root canal therapy, treatment for a large cavity, and to restore a dental crown tooth. These restorations are custom-made to restore the size, shape, and color of your tooth. Crowns improve tooth strength and durability after a large cavity or root canal therapy and can restore a dental implant.


Dental Bridges

A series of cemented crowns that span the gap of a missing tooth. Bridges are custom-made from porcelain or ceramic to replace the smile’s look and function after tooth loss. With a dental bridge, proper biting and chewing are restored with a strong, stable restoration.


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain or composite caps for the front of teeth to improve their size, shape, and color. Veneers can be used to enhance the appearance of all the teeth that show when a person smiles. They hide tooth cracks, chips, gaps, discoloration, and more.


Teeth whitening

Professional-grade solutions that whiten teeth faster and keep them whiter for longer. With high potency, professional whitening targets both external stains and internal discoloration to brighten smiles up to four shades lighter. Most patients experience no sensitivity during treatment.


Occlusal Adjustment

Alterations to teeth surfaces to restore a more balanced bite. Teeth that don’t come together properly can strain jaw muscles and joints. Evening the biting surface helps restore comfort for biting and chewing food while reducing pain or teeth grinding and clenching.



Braces or clear aligners that straighten teeth to improve dental function, oral health, and smile aesthetics. Traditional braces effectively restore comfort and function even in cases of severe overcrowding, complex misalignment, and jaw problems. Clear aligners improve teeth with more minor cosmetic and functional problems.



The discreet orthodontic solution that uses clear aligners instead of bracket-and-wire braces. Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® are comfortable and removable, effectively straightening teeth without hindering your lifestyle or oral hygiene habits.


TMJ Treatment

Targeted treatment to relieve jaw pain and muscles soreness from problematic TM joints. Treatment can help reduce teeth grinding and clenching, balance the jaw, and improve oral function. Optional treatments include TMJ Tensing and oral appliances.


Dental Implants

Permanent tooth replacements that look and feel natural. Implants are made up of a titanium or ceramic post (tooth root) and a permanent restoration (dental crown or bridge). Attractive and stable, dental implants restore function and health while improving smile aesthetics.

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Our Smile Reconstruction Process

Full mouth rehabilitation can be complex and generally requires multiple procedures to restore full function and health to your smile. To ensure your treatment is personalized to your situation, we first complete a consultation and evaluation at one of our dental practices in Santa Clara and Fremont, CA. During this visit, we encourage you to discuss the oral health discomforts you’ve been experiencing. We’ll then examine your mouth and take x-rays to devise the best treatment plan for your condition and goals. We’ll consider more than your cosmetic and functional goals by paying close attention to your financial situation as well. We accept multiple insurance providers and partner with third-party financing companies to offer payments tailored to your budget.

While full mouth reconstruction primarily addresses functional problems, you will experience cosmetic improvements to your smile as well. When planning your treatment, we take into consideration your facial features and symmetry, lip and gum line, and your personal smile goals. This will determine the treatments you need and, in general, how long treatment may take. If you’re experiencing gum infection or dental decay, we’ll most likely complete these treatments first to provide a healthy foundation for the rest of your teeth. Next, we’ll complete orthodontic treatment, restore broken or missing teeth, and finally complete cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers. Once your full mouth reconstruction in Santa Clara and Fremont, CA is complete, your amazing new smile will be revealed along with your newfound confidence!

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Benefiting from a Rehabilitated Smile

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