What to Do When Your CEREC Crowns Do Not Feel Right

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CEREC crowns Santa Clara, CA

CEREC crowns can be an effective way to repair serious oral health issues. If you have heard about this treatment, you should speak to your dentist today about whether you could benefit. This process has helped many patients in need, but there can still be challenges. It is good to know how these crowns work and what to do if you experience irritation with them.

CEREC crowns vs. traditional crowns

The use of crowns over damaged or abnormal teeth is not new. People have used this method since ancient times. Until recently, crowns required a two- or three-appointment process that could take a few weeks before the patient got the crowns. With traditional crowns, the dentist first takes X-rays and makes impressions of the person’s mouth. These go to a lab where a technician makes the ceramic or porcelain crown. At a subsequent appointment, the dentist shaves the tooth so that the crown will fit and cements it in place.

With CEREC crowns, the dentist makes digital impressions. This information feeds into a computer system that creates ceramic crowns right in the office. This eliminates the need to wait until a future appointment to get the crown. There is also no need to have a temporary crown in the interim.

What crowns can correct

Also known as a cap, a crown is useful when a patient has severe tooth decay where the tooth would not support a filling. Crowns also protect a damaged tooth from getting worse such as when there are cracks or fractures. A crown restores the full function of the tooth so the patient can continue eating and speaking normally. Some patients may even pick CEREC crowns to cover a discolored or misaligned tooth.

Addressing concerns

Once the dentist cements the crown in place, the patient should get used to it within a few days. The dentist will check to make sure it feels right inside the patient’s mouth. However, if the patient experiences pain or discomfort, the dentist can adjust the CEREC crowns. Patients should call the dentist immediately if the crown does not feel right or if it cracks or breaks. Most dentists will accommodate same-day appointments in these cases. Never put off a visit to the dentist if a crown falls out or has other issues.

Taking care of the crown

Fortunately, crowns are durable and should stand up to normal wear and tear. A person with CEREC crowns should continue to brush and floss daily. Avoiding hard foods such as ice, popcorn and candy will help preserve the crown and help it last longer.

There to help you

Your dentist is concerned about your oral health and the way you look and feel. CEREC crowns can relieve pain and solve cosmetic problems. Most of the time, the crowns should last for 15 years or more. If at any time, you are worried about how the crown feels or fits, you should contact your dentist right away. You can spare yourself further discomfort and problems if you will quickly address these challenges.

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