How All-on-4 Can Replace All of Your Teeth in One Day

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All-on-4 Santa Clara, CA

Those who have experienced complete tooth loss can consider All-on-4 dental restoration. With only four implants per dental arch, the dentist can provide a complete set of teeth that function and feel natural. This option, which was developed about two decades ago, has seen significant improvements over time and has a high success rate. Continue reading to learn how patients can get a new smile in only one day.

How All-on-4 works

All-on-4 is a type of implant-supported denture. The dentist will insert titanium implants into the jawbone, and temporary teeth with similar features to the permanent replacement teeth are attached to the implants immediately. The temporary teeth are stable and will not fall out, shift or slip. The new teeth are usable immediately, but patients will need to allow the implants to heal before eating hard foods.

All-on-4 uses dental implant technology to place titanium implants into the jaw bone. Temporary teeth that will look very similar to your final replacement teeth are immediately attached to the implants, making it virtually impossible for your new teeth to slip, shift, come loose or fall out.

Initial consultation

The procedure starts with a consultation with the dentist to discuss the patient's aims for their oral cavity, oral examination and a review of their dental and medical records. The dentist will perform a 3D scan of the jaw, gums and teeth for a comprehensive overview of the oral cavity. During the consultation, the dentist will answer any question and let the patient know what to expect.

Implant surgery

The dentist will use 3D images and impressions to plan the surgery. They will be able to tell the best location and angle to place the implants to optimize the bone available. This removes the need for bone grafts in most cases. With proper planning and the use of a surgical guide, the implant placement surgery is relatively quick and involves minimal cutting and suturing. For All-on-4, only four implants will be inserted into each dental arch.

If teeth extraction is necessary, it will be done during the procedure. The procedure may take between two to five hours, and patients can opt for oral or IV sedation to ensure maximum comfort. The temporary dentures will be placed immediately after the surgery.

Teeth in a day

Since the dental implants need to integrate with the jawbone before inserting the permanent new teeth, the patient will get temporary dentures on the day of the surgery. The temporary teeth are fully functional and usable immediately after the procedure. They are strong and fixed in place, but the dentist may suggest removable options for patients who are prone to teeth grinding. This allows them to take out the temporary teeth and prevent them from damaging the healing implants due to grinding or clenching actions.

In conclusion

After three to five months, the dentist will insert the permanent teeth restoration that is created specifically for the patient. Before then, the patient will enjoy a fully functional and natural-looking smile. To learn if you are eligible for All-on-4, meet with your dentist for a consultation.

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