What Are Some Benefits of CEREC® Crowns?

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CEREC® crowns are a more convenient way to get damaged teeth protected with the restoration they need. Crowns are teeth covers that go over the visible part of teeth. They hide all the flaws on the teeth and protects them from bite forces and irritants in the mouth, like bacteria.

The standard way to get a dental crown requires at least two visits to the dentist. The first involves preparing the patient's teeth for the crown, taking an impression and fitting the patient with a temporary crown. The second visit involves taking off the temporary crown and attaching a customized crown that was made in a dental lab. CEREC® requires only one visit to prepare the patient's tooth, take digital images, create a customized crown and attach it to the patient's tooth.

Benefits of CEREC® crowns

CEREC® crowns provide other benefits besides being a more convenient way to fit teeth with crowns. These include:

1. Amazing aesthetics

CEREC® crowns are made from ceramic blocks and ceramic crowns are known for their great aesthetics. Ceramic is a naturally white material just like teeth, and it is just as translucent. Dentists typically advise patients to go with ceramic crowns when the appearance of their teeth is a top priority.

2. No need for temporary crowns

Patients who get conventional crowns have to wear a temporary one for around two weeks. This is the average time it takes for the dental lab that makes their crown to get it back to the dentist. With CEREC®, the crown is made at the clinic while the patient waits. It takes about 30 minutes to make the patient's customized crown. The patient walks out of the clinic with a crown that blends in with the rest of their teeth instead of a temporary crown that is a one-size-fits-all type restoration.

3. Improved crown design

CEREC® crowns are made to a higher level of precision that conventional crowns. Instead of a messy mold being used to take an impression of the patient's teeth, digital images are used to create a 3D computer model of the patient's teeth.

The patient gets to be part of the design process as the dentist gets their input while designing their crown. As a result, the patient gets a crown that fits better and looks just like the rest of their teeth.

4. Improved smile

Crowns are a special oral restoration that has cosmetic and therapeutic uses. Getting a ceramic porcelain crown that is designed with a high level of precision creates a better smile. It hides any issues the patient does not like about the appearance of the damaged tooth and creates the appearance of a healthy one. As a result, the patient feels more confident and they are more eager to show off their improved smile.

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