Need an Invisalign Dentist to Provide You With the Clear Aligners You Need for a Great Smile?

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Clear Aligners Santa Clara, CA

An Invisalign® dentist can provide patients with the clear aligners needed to straighten their teeth and boost their smiles. This system uses clear plastic aligner trays to gently push the teeth into calibrated positions over some time. Unlike metal braces that impair the appearance of a person's smile, Invisalign® clear trays are difficult to detect when worn.

An Invisalign® dentist explains how clear aligners work

People who may benefit from the Invisalign® treatment system range from individuals whose earlier teeth straightening endeavors have slowly shifted back to persons who have never undergone any orthodontic procedures at all. An Invisalign® dentist might recommend clear aligners if a person has spaces between the teeth, exhibits an underbite, overbite or crossbite or experiences crowding of teeth in the mouth. Invisalign® works best on alignment problems caused by the position of the teeth. If issues such as overbites and underbites are created by the position of the person's jaw, clear aligners are not an effective way to treat them.

First steps

Prior to the treatment, the dentist will evaluate the patient's teeth to determine the type of dental alignment problem and the cause. If the dentist recommends Invisalign®, an impression of the person's teeth is taken by having the patient bite down on the imprint mold. The dentist might also use digital images to create 3D models of the patient's mouth.

The dentist will use these images to design the aligner trays and to demonstrate to the patient what treatment will look like. The dentist passes the data on to technicians in a dental lab that makes the patient's customized aligners. It can take up to two weeks to complete the aligner trays.

Treatment process

Once the trays are ready, the patient goes in for a second appointment. At this time, the dentist will instruct the patient how to wear and remove the aligner trays. The practitioner will also educate the person on the proper way to clean the appliance and the importance of brushing before inserting the trays. Clear aligners limit the contact between saliva and teeth, which increases the risk of tooth decay since saliva naturally cleans the teeth and neutralizes acids. The patient will be instructed to wear the aligner trays for 22 hours each day. It is best to use an app to track usage to ensure accurate adherence to the schedule.

Benefits of Invisalign® clear aligners

People who opt for these invisible braces get to enjoy a number of important advantages:

  • Others have difficulty detecting when the appliance is worn
  • The removable device does not get in the way of meals or oral hygiene
  • Treatment times are usually under a year
  • Most patients find the treatment more comfortable than wearing metal braces
  • Eliminates unplanned trips to the dentist due to wire breakage or a bracket coming off

Get started with Invisalign®

Call or visit our Santa Clara clinic if you think you are a good candidate for Invisalign®. Our experienced dentist will educate you about all of your options with clear aligners and answer any questions or concerns on your mind.

How to get started…

Request an appointment here: or call You Smile Dental at (408) 361-8133 for an appointment in our Santa Clara office.

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