Visit an Orthodontist for Clear Braces Before Your Next Social Event

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When it comes to fixing crooked teeth, there are a few options to choose from. Traditional metal braces were the most commonly used type of braces used for crooked teeth, but they can be uncomfortable and are very apparent, which can be unappealing to many people.

Clear braces have become increasingly popular because they are just as effective as metal braces and can be color matched to your teeth, making them difficult to spot. Clear aligners are also popular because they are made from clear plastic and almost impossible to notice.

What are the differences between clear braces and metal braces?

Metal braces

Metal braces are metal brackets attached to your teeth with metal wires, tightened to a point where they gradually move your teeth into the right position. When it comes to braces, they are the least expensive type and also the most noticeable.

Even though the size of the brackets has been reduced in recent years, the metal is still visible on your teeth, which makes a lot of people cautious about smiling in public.


When you visit your orthodontist for clear braces, you will be given the option of choosing ceramic braces or clear aligners.

Clear braces are essentially the same as metal braces, but instead of using metal, these are made from ceramic. The advantage of the braces being made from ceramic is that the brackets can be color matched to your teeth as can the wires that are holding them onto your teeth.

Ceramic braces are great if you want to fix your teeth but do not want to draw the type of attention metal braces get, especially if you have an active social life. However, they are more expensive than metal braces and require some extra maintenance on your part because they stain easily if they are not properly taken care of.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are another option if you are considering getting clear braces. The aligners can fix the same issues the metal and clear braces can, but they take a longer time to get the job done because they are not permanently fastened to your teeth like the other braces are.

Clear aligners provide the best aesthetics because they really are difficult to notice and they do not stain as easily as ceramic braces do. They are also more comfortable than metal or ceramic braces and are easier to maintain because they can be removed when you want to eat or drink something and put back in place when you are done.

Cleaning traditional braces can be difficult because of the food particles that get stuck in the wires, but you will not have the same problem with clear aligners which can be cleaned easily.

The bottom line

Clear braces are a great way to fix crooked teeth discreetly. If you want to fix your teeth without people noticing, visit your orthodontist for clear braces before your next social event.

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