5 Things to Ask the Orthodontist at Your Consultation

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A visit with an orthodontist can be intimidating because you are likely there to be evaluated for braces, aligners or another appliance. Even though these will correct your teeth or repair your bite, they are still unnerving for some people. That said, these consultations are excellent ways to learn more about the treatment you need.

What to ask your orthodontist at a consultation

Your initial consultation will be confusing. First, you will be at a new office that needs all your medical history and insurance information. Then, you will have to meet an orthodontist and become comfortable with them. Lastly, you might still be figuring out how orthodontics can help correct your smile.

With all this in your head, you might forget to ask some simple questions. Take note of the following questions to help your consultation go smoothly.

1. What orthodontic appliance is best?

This is one of the most common questions because many people want to know exactly how to fix their teeth or their bite. However, the answer to this question is very situational. Each person is different, meaning that nobody will get the same answer! Some people may need traditional metal braces on both the top and bottom set of teeth, while you may only need an aligner on the bottom. Your orthodontist will help you understand why your appliance is the best for you.

2. How long will I need orthodontic treatment?

The timeline for orthodontic treatment is another excellent question to ask during the consultation. Like the first, it is also another question that will have a varying answer. Everyone’s teeth or bite is different. You may need braces for a year while another person may only have to undergo treatment for a few months.

Asking the orthodontist about treatment length will help you mentally prepare for it. It will also help you monitor progress along the way.

3. Will orthodontic treatment hurt?

Orthodontic treatment such as aligners or braces does not typically involve much pain. Unlike invasive procedures, braces or aligners only cause some very minimal discomfort. There are rare scenarios in which an orthodontist has to perform something invasive to correct serious issues.

Adjustments to the orthodontic appliance may cause discomfort on or around the teeth. This often lasts for a few days, but strong pain should not occur.

4. Is orthodontic treatment a must?

Because everyone has a different situation, it is essential to ask the orthodontist whether you need treatment. Some people’s teeth are only minorly crooked, which may not be detrimental to their dental health. However, others have severely misaligned teeth and jaws that can cause problems with eating and speaking.

5. Will treatment work?

Many people fear going through the treatment process, all for it to not work. This question is important to ask an orthodontist because their jobs are to help repair your teeth or bite. Once again, every situation is different. Success is relative. Some people might want a perfect smile while others simply want to have a proper bite.

Speak with an orthodontist

If you have questions, contact our office to book an appointment. An orthodontist can speak with you to address any concerns you may have about treatment.

Request an appointment here: https://yousmiledental.com or call You Smile Dental at (408) 361-8133 for an appointment in our Santa Clara office.

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