A Step-by-Step Process of How Braces Work

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Wondering if wearing braces will fit in with your particular lifestyle? While there are some adjustments you will need to make in your life when choosing to wear braces, they do not require a lot of your time to perform. In just a few short weeks after having your braces placed, you should be well-versed in how to care for your braces.

About braces

The more you understand about how braces work, the better your chances at achieving your goal of having straighter teeth. There are different components of braces, all of which work together in order to fix certain oral problems. These components include brackets, wires, rubber bands and glue.

A step-by-step process of how braces work

The following is a list of steps that explain the process of getting braces, which includes information on how they work.

Initial consultation appointment

The initial consultation is important, as this is the time when the patient and the dental professional will discuss all of the patient's options. The dental professional will perform an oral examination in order to determine the type of oral problems that need to be addressed. They will also take a mold of the patient's mouth. Once a braces choice is made, they can then be attached.

Attaching the braces

Attaching the brackets, which are held in place on the teeth using a special dental glue, is the first step. The wire is then run through the brackets, which may be shaped in a particular way in order to ensure that the teeth are moving in the correct direction. For dental patients who have been diagnosed with bite problems, rubber bands are also attached to the braces in order to place more pressure on certain areas of the jaw and/or teeth.


The braces require periodic adjustments from a dental professional in order to work. It is essential for dental patients to make it to all of their adjustment appointments. There must be constant pressure placed on the teeth in order for the braces to work, making adhering to an adjustment schedule an extremely important part of the process.


Once the braces have done their job and are removed from the patient's mouth, the patient must wear a retainer in order to ensure that the teeth do not move out of their new and correct positions. The time required to wear a retainer varies from patient to patient, with an average amount of time being 12 months.

Are braces the right choice for you?

Now that you understand how braces work, does this teeth-straightening option sound like it is the right choice for you? Once you choose the type of braces you want to wear so you can have straighter teeth, you will receive all instructions necessary so you can take proper care of your oral health. Are you ready to take the next step? We invite you to contact our office today for a consultation.

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