5 Ways to Help You Adjust to Clear Aligners

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clear aligners Santa Clara, CA

Looking for information on clear aligners? There are a variety of teeth straightening options available nowadays, which means that you do have choices. Since you are interested in learning more about clear aligners, it means that you are wanting to experience the benefits that come with this particular teeth-straightening option. Ready to learn more about aligners so you can make the necessary adjustments to wearing them?

About clear aligners

When you choose this teeth-straightening option, it is essential for you to closely follow the instructions. There is a process for how aligners work and following all instructions is necessary so you can expect ideal results. There is an adjustment period that comes with wearing aligners, just as there is with wearing any type of braces.

5 ways to help you adjust to wearing clear aligners

The following is a list of five ways that anyone can use to help them adjust to wearing their new clear aligners.

1. Expect a few days of initial discomfort

The first few days when wearing clear aligners will often cause some discomfort, which is normal and to be expected. This is not only because the aligners are beginning the process of shifting the teeth into their correct position, but the parts of the mouth that the aligners touch will also be irritated for a few days due to this new appliance in the mouth.

2. Practice talking at home

It will take a few days, possibly even a few weeks, for new aligner wearers to get used to talking with the aligners in their mouth. It is just a matter of getting used to wearing the aligners, with lisps being the most common thing new wearers will need to overcome. This makes practicing talking at home a great idea before talking in a public place.

3. Use chewies

Chewies are similar to a small roll of gauze and are specifically used to help new wearers improve the overall fit of the aligners, allowing them to work more efficiently. All one needs to do is gently bite down on a chewie for a few minutes and they are good to go.

4. Switch to new aligners right before bed

When switching to a new set of aligners, inserting them right before bedtime means sleeping through part of the adjustment period. This allows new wearers to avoid some of the discomfort associated with wearing a new set of aligners.

5. Carry a dental pack everywhere

Carrying a dental pack allows one to take care of their new aligners no matter where they happen to be at any given moment. Taking proper care of aligners is essential when expecting them to work exactly as they should.

Ready to get started?

When your teeth are straight, you will not only feel more confident in the way you look when you smile, but it will also be much easier to clean your teeth. When your teeth are cleaner, you are less likely to be diagnosed with cavities, which is a dental problem you do not want to be diagnosed with as cavities make your teeth weaker. If you are ready to move forward with getting your clear aligners, or you simply want more information, we invite you to contact our office today.

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