4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit an Orthodontist

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Thinking there is no need to visit an orthodontist because you already have a general dentist? Making regular appointments with your general dentist is necessary to support your good overall oral health. When you visit your regular dentist once or twice a year as recommended, they will look for any issues that can negatively affect the health of your teeth. But when you visit an orthodontist, their focus is on the alignment of your teeth.

About orthodontists

An orthodontist is a dental professional who views the mouth a little bit differently than a general dentist does. Their job is to determine whether or not someone's teeth are in their proper alignment. When the teeth are not properly aligned, it can lead to teeth grinding, teeth clenching, worn-down teeth, speech impediments and halitosis. Improperly aligned teeth can also lead to mouth discomfort and pain as well as negatively affecting one’s appearance when they smile.

Why everyone should visit an orthodontist

While it is ideal for children to see an orthodontist when they are somewhere in between the ages of six and eight, those who do not should make it a goal to visit an orthodontist as soon as possible. The following is a list of reasons why everyone should make an appointment an orthodontist.

1. To straighten their teeth

An orthodontist knows exactly how to straighten one’s teeth. Straight teeth not only improve the way someone looks when they smile, but they also support a healthier mouth. Teeth may need to be straightened due to crookedness, misalignment, wide spaces in between the teeth and/or crowded teeth.

2. To fix breathing problems

Chronic mouth breathing can lead to dental malformation, especially in children. Our bodies are designed to use the nose to breathing rather than the mouth and when someone breathes through their mouth often, an orthodontist can provide them with a solution to reduce or end their mouth breathing.

3. To check for misalignment problems

When the teeth and/or the jaw are not in their proper position, this can lead to chewing problems, which in turn often leads to digestion problems. The ability to properly chew one’s food is very important as this allows all the nutrients in the food to be properly absorbed within the body.

4. To seek their knowledge and experience

An orthodontist is a dental professional who has undergone an additional three years of education after graduating from dental school. This means they have the knowledge and experience to advise dental patients who are in need of orthodontic treatment. It also means they are current on any new orthodontic technologies that can be used to treat their patients' teeth and/or jaw.

Ready to make an appointment?

Need to make an appointment with an orthodontist to make sure that the alignment of your teeth is not negatively impacting your mouth in any way? The sooner you do, the sooner you can find out whether or not you currently have any alignment issues. If you do happen to have an issue with the alignment of your teeth, a treatment plan will be made so that you know what your next steps are going to be to support your good oral health.

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