Weekend Emergency Dental Treatment

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emergency dental Santa Clara, CA

One can never know when emergency dental care may be needed. In fact, dental emergencies may seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. A toothache may choose to become unbearable at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, or a person could suffer a broken or knocked-out tooth during a game with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Dental emergencies are almost always excruciatingly painful. They often do not allow people to get through daily routines and will not wait for office hours. That is where weekend emergency dental treatment comes in.

What kind of dental practices offer emergency dental care?

Certain dental practices offer urgent care for dental problems. Such practices usually remain open for long hours. Dental practices that offer urgent care practices may also be open for some hours during the weekend on premises that are centrally located and easy to reach. These aspects work together to provide convenience to a patient with painful dental emergencies that will not wait.

While the doors of the practice are open, a person often can simply walk in, even without an appointment. The patient can usually receive the care that is so badly needed without having to wait in long lines.

A practice that offers emergency dental care may implement a system where one or two members of staff remain on call even after the practice closes its doors for the night. The contact details of these staff members may be made available to members of the public.

A person suffering from a dental emergency can call the person on call. The contact person can then advise the patient on how to take care of their mouth until seeing the dentist and arrange for the patient to receive dental care as quickly as possible.

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation that causes a person great pain and inconvenience. Such an issue may interfere with a person’s ability to eat, sleep or even think. In severe cases, a dental emergency can lead to life-threatening outcomes. This is why a person should always seek immediate help.

Dental emergencies include trauma to the mouth that causes soft tissue injury and bleeding, as well as knocked-out, broken or chipped teeth. Tooth decay that results in spreading infection, which manifests as swelling and fever, can be an emergency, as is an abscess or pulpitis. Some emergencies involve dental fixtures, such as a loose crown or filling or broken braces.

In case of extreme trauma to the mouth or a serious infection, the emergency dentist may advise their patient to go to a hospital or call 911. The dentist typically treats less severe emergencies personally.

What are the services offered by an emergency dentist?

Many emergency dental practices are equipped to handle a wide variety of dental problems and allow patients to get relief in a short amount of time. Most offer the following services:

  • Dental restorations for broken, chipped or fractured teeth
  • Reattachment of knocked-out teeth
  • Fillings and crowns to fix cavities or tooth decay
  • Root canal therapy to treat infection of the dental pulp and root canal
  • Tooth extractions for teeth that cannot be saved
  • Repair of braces and dentures
  • Treatment of dental abscesses

It is always a good idea to plan for emergency dental care

No one can know when the unexpected will happen, and it is impossible to prevent all accidents that lead to oral emergencies. That is why it is important to have the contacts of a dental practice that offers emergency dental care.

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