Questions to Ask a General Dentist About Oral Surgery

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oral surgery Santa Clara, CA

The thought of getting oral surgery may worry you. You may dread being in pain or facing a long recovery. However, these procedures can be successful and help you achieve your health and wellness goals. If you are unsure of what to expect during your appointment, you should meet with the dentist to learn more about the process.

Reasons people get oral surgery

Surgery in the mouth is not an everyday occurrence. Most people rarely need this invasive work on their mouth. Still, there may be times when oral surgery is necessary to correct dysfunction or relieve pain. Some patients get oral surgery to remove teeth, especially wisdom teeth. These teeth emerge later in life, but there is often no room in the mouth for them. Other people may have surgery to place implants into the jaw. Reconstructive surgery of the jaw may also be required to repair any damage the person suffered in an accident.

Ask about the timing

Different patients will have different oral health needs. This may be especially true with tooth extractions. The dentist may wish to pull out teeth immediately due to severe infections or decay. In other cases, it may be OK to wait a few months or years to remove impacted teeth. There is no need to rush some types of oral surgery, so it is important for the patient to understand the timetable.

Ask about sedation

Oral surgery is invasive and could be painful without the use of anesthetic. It is good to ask the dentist about what type of relief the patient will receive during the process. For impacted wisdom teeth, the dentist will likely put the patient to sleep. For other processes, a local anesthetic to numb the surgical area may be enough. The patient may express their preferences about what type to receive.

Ask about the recovery process

The dentist should talk to the patient about proper recovery procedures following oral surgery. This will usually include a strict diet, rest and avoiding touching the affected area. The dentist will talk to the patient about how long the recovery period will last and what medication the person can take. Some surgeries have a longer healing process than others, so the patient should pay close attention to the dentist’s instructions.

Ask about the success rate

It is acceptable to talk to the dentist about how effective oral surgery will be. The patient may want to ask about any recent operations the dentist did and how they turned out. The dentist will be open and discuss the results the patient should see. There may also be a discussion about the possible complications and side effects of the operation.

Preparation is critical

Do not go to your oral surgery appointment with no idea of what will take place. Prepare yourself and have a sound idea of what the dentist will do and what the purpose is. If you are concerned with the procedure, share your feelings with the dentist. You have every right to feel comfortable with this surgery and to have the outcome you need and expect.

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