Is There a Right Age to Visit an Orthodontist?

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Thinking you should make an appointment with an orthodontist one of these days so you can know whether or not your children will need any type of orthodontic treatment? There is indeed a right age that you should take your children to visit an orthodontist. When you make an appointment with an orthodontic office, you are doing what is necessary to ensure that your children’s teeth are growing in exactly as they are supposed to.

What is the right age to visit an orthodontist?

Since there is a right time to take your children to an orthodontic dental office for an evaluation of their mouth, knowing what this time window is will then allow your children to receive any necessary orthodontic treatments in a timely manner. The right age to visit an orthodontist is when a child is either six, seven or eight years old. This is a time when their permanent teeth begin to come in, allowing orthodontists to know whether or not they will likely experience any bad bite or crooked teeth problems.

About children’s developing teeth

Every child experiences their own rate of tooth development. This is why the right age for visiting an orthodontist is somewhere between the ages of six and eight. An orthodontist will carefully evaluate the current state of a child’s permanent teeth growing in by conducting an examination of their mouth, which does not cause them any discomfort or pain. This examination will let them know if there’s any variation in the development of their teeth and/or if there are any larger dental problems that need to be addressed before they can become worse.

About early orthodontic treatment

If orthodontic problems are found during a child’s initial consultation appointment, a treatment plan will be made to address the problems. The overall goal of the treatment plan is to correct any problems as soon as possible, with less than 12 months an ideal amount of time for correction. It is now necessary for the child to be regularly evaluated by the orthodontist in order to determine whether or not they need additional orthodontic treatment. Braces are the most common type of treatment prescribed for addressing orthodontic problems in children.

Function versus aesthetic

It is essential for all children to have teeth that properly function so they will not experience any malocclusion problems, which often leads to chewing problems and not-so-straight teeth. It is also important for children to feel comfortable with the way their teeth look so they can feel confident when smiling. Both of these dental issues should be addressed when visiting an orthodontic office.

Need to make an appointment?

Need to make an appointment with our orthodontist for one or more of your children? If you have children that are six, seven or eight years old, then now is the time for them to be evaluated by an orthodontist. If there happen to be any developmental issues with your children’s teeth, then addressing them in their earliest stages is ideal.

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