4 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Getting Dental Braces

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Some kids might think that wearing dental braces are cool until the time comes to get them. Then there are other kids who want nothing to do with the process. If you plan to have your child put in braces, the tips provided will help prepare them. That way, they will understand there is nothing to fear.

Cooler than ever

The dental braces that kids wear today are much cooler than those from several years ago. At one time, the only option was metal braces. Not only did these make kids feel self-conscious, but sometimes, they also hurt. The way laboratories make this appliance now is quite different. For that reason, kids look and feel completely different.

Even if a kid balks at the idea of wearing dental braces, parents understand the benefits. The last thing that moms and dads want is for their child to go through school and beyond having crooked teeth. Instead, they want them to have a beautiful smile. Parents can make kids feel more comfortable with the idea by considering these tips.

1. Explain how an orthodontist fits dental braces

In most cases, an orthodontist recommends metal dental braces for preteens and teenagers. This is primarily due to the fact these work incredibly well at straightening teeth. However, that is not the only possibility. Instead of metal bars and brackets, kids can opt for colored bands made of rubber. Each time returning to the dentist office for an adjustment, kids can choose a different color.

By explaining how the orthodontist fits dental braces, kids relax. In fact, parents might consider showing them some online videos. That way, kids can see for themselves the overall process. Most importantly, parents need to stress that wearing braces is not painful. While some kids experience slight discomfort, it is not anything intolerable.

2. Exciting options

Kids today are smart. Children of all ages know when parents are being up-front or acting sneaky. One of the tips is to make the idea of getting dental braces exciting. Parents can accomplish this by explaining the various options. Again, metal braces are one possibility. However, colored bands are another.

3. Prepare the kitchen cabinets

At least initially after having dental braces applied, kids need to stick to soft foods. Before heading to the orthodontist office, buy things the child enjoys eating. Some examples include ice cream, popsicles, mashed potatoes, soup and yogurt. To make it easier, have the kid go along to the grocery store to pick out their favorites.

4. Buy extra orthodontic wax

Sold at grocery stores, pharmacies and from the dentist, orthodontic wax becomes a dental brace wearer’s best friend. Especially for those who get metal braces, their mouths can become irritated. This wax serves to create a protective barrier between the wires and the patient’s mouth. A kid can even carry it to school and use it as needed.

Make it positive

When it comes to dental braces, parents can make the process positive. It is important to be open and honest. Allow your child to ask as many questions as wanted. Doing so will put them at ease. On the day of the dentist appointment, your son or daughter will look forward to having braces.

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