4 Reasons to Consider a Dental Bridge

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A dental bridge is a non-invasive way to replace a missing tooth. It is the perfect option for a person who does not want to go through dental implant surgery. Dental bridges have been around for nearly as long as dentures have. They remain popular for reasons that we will explore today.

Why you should replace a missing tooth

A missing tooth can cause discomfort when a person chews and embarrassment when they talk, laugh or smile. It can even affect the health of the person’s remaining teeth. When a tooth is pulled from the jaw by its root, a few things start to happen.

First, the jawbone begins to lose bone mass. Then the remaining teeth start to shift toward the gap left by the missing tooth. Eventually, the teeth move out of alignment, which can affect the aesthetic of a person’s smile. In the end, the shape of their face changes, and not for the better.

This is why tooth replacement is important. Bridges are a good way of replacing the tooth of a person who cannot or will not go with dental implants. 

Understanding dental bridges

Dental implants come in two parts. The first part is the pontic, or the artificial tooth. This is the part that rests in the gap left by the missing tooth. The second part is the pair of dental crowns that are placed onto the teeth on either side of the gap.

The crowns are referred to as abutments because they act as the supports for the pontic. They are glued to the artificial tooth with dental cement. There are three main types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional bridges are used to fill a gap that is flanked by two adjacent teeth and the pontic is supported by two abutments
  • Cantilever bridges are used to replace a missing tooth at the back of the mouth. With a cantilever bridge, the pontic is supported with only one abutment
  • With Maryland bridges, the pontic is attached directly to the natural teeth by a framework made of metal or porcelain

There are many benefits that come with choosing dental bridges to repair teeth. For example:

1. Bridges keep the teeth properly aligned

A dental bridge acts as a placeholder for the missing tooth or teeth. With a pontic in the place of the missing tooth, the rest of the teeth are forced to remain in place. This means that the teeth will have nowhere to shift to. They will remain in their correct alignment.

2. It makes it easier for a person to chew

Trying to chew with missing teeth is hard. Food gets stuck in the gap, and a person finds themselves chewing with the part of the mouth that is farthest from the gap. A dental bridge restores full function to the mouth.

3. It improves a person’s looks

A dental bridge gets rid of a gapped smile. It also fills out the jaw, which gets rid of the sunken look that comes with missing teeth. The end result is a younger-looking face.

4. Dental bridges are non-invasive

Some people do not have enough jawbone to support dental implants. Others just find the thought of minor oral surgery to be scary and unsettling. Dental bridges replace a tooth without a single incision to the gums.

Restore your smile with a fast and painless procedure

Missing teeth make life harder than it should be. Luckily, dental bridges are there to give you back your smile. Get in touch with us if you want a complete and functional set of teeth. We will find the best way to replace the teeth that you lost.

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