Guide to Getting Implant Supported Dentures

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implant supported dentures Santa Clara, CA

Implant supported dentures offer a way to replace an entire row of missing teeth long term. Learning more about the implant supported dentures process can help you decide if treatment is appropriate. Although every patient has a unique experience, there are certain expectations that you can have.

Reviewing the implant supported dentures process

The implant supported dentures process involves a consultation visit to discuss treatment, placing the dental implants and a follow-up procedure to place the abutments and the dentures. The following is a review of each step of the process and how to care for implant supported dentures long term. 

The consultation visit

Anyone who is considering implant supported dentures for multiple teeth replacement should schedule a consultation visit with a dentist who offers treatment. The visit is typically either free or available at a low cost, and it is a great way for the patient and the dentist to get to know one another and decide if implant supported dentures are the most appropriate solution for teeth replacement. 

The consultation visit often involves a discussion of treatment goals, an oral examination and dental X-rays. The dentist can also explain what to expect with implant supported dentures treatment and other available treatment options. 

Placing dental implants

If the patient decides that implant supported dentures are the best treatment option, then treatment can begin. The dentist may first recommend procedures to improve oral health and allow for successful implants placement, such as a bone grafting procedure to fix bone loss and periodontal disease treatment. Once the mouth is prepared, a visit is scheduled for the placement of the implants. Depending on if it is a full or partial denture, the dentist will need to place between two and five dental implants.

The second procedure for dentures placement

After the dental implants are placed, the mouth will need time to heal. It typically takes several months for the mouth to recover from surgery and for the dental implants to fuse together with the jawbone. Afterward, a follow-up procedure is scheduled for the attachment of the abutment and dentures onto the dental implants. This is a far less invasive process that does not require a lengthy recovery time. After this procedure, the patient can return home with their new set of teeth. 

Follow-up visits and aftercare

The dentist should provide care instructions after the dentures are placed. This likely will include dietary restrictions while the patient adjusts to the new feel and function of their teeth, oral care practices to implement long term and more. The dentist will also likely require a follow-up visit to ensure that the implant supported dentures do not have any complications and to answer any questions that the patient has and address any concerns that they have with their dentures. 

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Our dental team offers implant supported dentures treatment for patients with multiple missing teeth or who need full arch replacement. Contact us today by phone or email to arrange a time for a consultation visit and start the process to a complete and healthy smile.

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