Do Braces Require Extra Daily Hygiene Steps?

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Considering getting braces because you want your teeth to be straighter? There are many advantages that come with having straight teeth, with the ability to feel confident when smiling as one of the most popular. Straight teeth also support a healthy mouth, as it is easier to clean the gums and teeth when the teeth are straight.

Do braces require extra daily hygiene steps?

Wondering if braces will add a lot of time to your everyday oral hygiene routine? The more you understand about how braces work and how to care for them, the better your chances of experiencing success. As every dental professional will tell you, it is essential for you to follow all instructions that come with your choice of braces. If you do not, then the end result will not be as expected. The extra daily hygiene steps required to care for braces take a minimal amount of time.

Caring for your braces

The following is a list of general information regarding the daily oral hygiene steps necessary when wearing braces. Maintaining a daily hygiene routine when wearing braces is important to keep them in their optimal condition, which allows them to work exactly as they are supposed to.


Brushing the teeth should take about the same amount of time when wearing braces. Removing any rubber bands before brushing the teeth allows for easier access. Teeth need to be brushed at least twice a day, with many brace wearers choosing to brush their teeth three times a day in order to remove all food particles.


Flossing the teeth may take a minute or two longer due to the need to be careful when flossing around the brackets. Waxed floss is preferred as it is easier to use. A water flosser can also be used but does not take the place of dental floss.

Extra step: Closely inspecting the braces

It is necessary for brace wearers to closely inspect their braces every day. They need to look for any problems with the braces, including any broken brackets or wires. This extra daily hygiene step takes about 30 seconds to complete.

Extra step: Using an interdental toothbrush

While this step is not necessary, it does make an oral hygiene routine a simpler process. An interdental toothbrush includes soft yet firm bristles that can clean the very small spaces underneath the brackets and wires.

Ready to choose your braces?

Now that you understand how to care for braces, are you ready to make a choice so you can have the straighter teeth you want? It is important for you to follow all required daily hygiene steps when wearing your choice of braces. While it may seem a little overwhelming at first, you will notice in just a few short days how easy it is to perform the additional hygiene steps. It really is worth the time, as the end result is straight teeth and a healthier mouth overall.

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