CEREC® Crowns: A Same-Day Alternative

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Thinking that CEREC crowns may be a better option for you because you do not want to wait to have your dental crowns placed in your mouth? Anytime you find out that you need to have a certain dental treatment or dental procedure performed, learning more about your options allows you to be informed. When you are an informed dental patient, you are better able to make decisions that are best for you.


CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Learning more about CEREC crowns is a good idea if you are currently in need of one or more dental crowns. The main difference between CEREC dental crowns and crowns that are made in a dental lab is the time it takes to produce the crowns. Many dental patients appreciate this convenience as they live very busy lives and do not want to wait for weeks to undergo any necessary dental work.

CEREC technology is truly improving the way patients receive their treatment, making it easier than ever for them to do what is necessary to improve their oral health.

How CEREC works

The information below explains how CEREC technology for making same-day dental crowns works.

Digital impressions are taken

Special dental tools are used to take digital impressions of the patient's mouth, which means they do not have to sink their teeth into a gooey impression tray. The digital impressions are sent directly to a computer, which is used to design a custom-made dental crown using 3D technology.

3D image of the teeth

A 3D image of the teeth using the digital impressions is then made so it can be sent to the CEREC machine. This machine then uses special tools to custom-make a dental crown for the patient, which uses a high degree of accuracy to make the crown. This precision is an essential part of ensuring that the crown fits exactly as it is supposed to, which allows for both function and good aesthetics.

Matching the rest of the teeth

CEREC-made dental crowns will be prepared in a way so that they match the rest of the teeth, which is important for aesthetic reasons. The right shade of porcelain will be selected so that it will be difficult to tell the difference between the natural teeth and the CEREC-made crown.

Same-day placement

Once the custom-made CEREC crown is finished, it will be placed in the patient's mouth on the same day. There is no need for the patient to return to have the crown placed, which is necessary when crowns are made in outside dental labs.

Interested in CEREC same-day crowns?

If you are interested in getting CEREC crowns versus crowns that are sent out to a dental lab to be made for you, you are choosing a same-day alternative that is in place to make your life easier. We understand how busy people are nowadays and that is why we offer our patients the opportunity to have certain dental treatments performed in a quick and efficient manner.

Are you considering CEREC crowns in the Santa Clara area? Get more information at https://yousmiledental.com.

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