A Family Dentist Discusses the Importance of At-Home Dental Hygiene

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A family dentist is not only concerned with helping patients while they are in the dental office, but they also seek to help patients care for their teeth while they are at home. Good at-home dental hygiene can reduce the risk of developing oral health concerns and can save patients money, time and discomfort by preventing issues such as cavities, gum disease and tooth infections from developing.

A family dentist explains the benefits of good at-home dental hygiene

Most understand the importance of brushing regularly to prevent cavities, but the benefits of at-home dental hygiene are more extensive than many realize. By learning more about the oral health, cosmetic and functional benefits of good oral hygiene, you can feel more encouraged to stay consistent with your oral care routine.

Oral health benefits

The risk of an oral health concern significantly increases for individuals who do not consistently care for their teeth properly at home. On the other hand, good oral hygiene can help individuals keep clean and healthy teeth and gums. Several of the oral health benefits that good at-home dental hygiene can help prevent include:

  • Cavity prevention
  • Healthy gums
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Prevent loose or lost teeth

Through techniques such as using fluoride daily, avoiding foods high in sugar and brushing regularly, individuals can prevent the need for more expensive repairs for damaged teeth caused by poor oral hygiene.

Cosmetic benefits

Not only can good oral hygiene help you keep a clean set of teeth, but it can also have cosmetic benefits and help you show off a beautiful smile each day. A family dentist wants to help patients in a variety of ways, and they are concerned with cosmetics as well as oral health. Individuals can reduce the risk of stained teeth, damaged enamel and dental trauma by caring for teeth properly at home, along with visiting the family dentist for regular check-ups and dental cleanings.

Functional benefits

Poor oral hygiene can cause the chewing surface of teeth to wear down, which makes it more challenging to chew tougher foods. Additionally, poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of loose teeth or tooth loss. To ensure your ability to eat tougher foods is not compromised, be sure to practice good at-home dental hygiene through regular brushing and protecting teeth from issues such as teeth grinding or a blow to the mouth.

How to practice good at-home dental hygiene

The good news is practicing good at-home dental hygiene is not difficult. The key is to establish a consistent oral care routine, consisting of brushing the entire mouth gently several times a day and using floss and mouthwash as directed by your family dentist. Managing your diet to limit sugary foods and drinks, and protecting teeth from dental trauma by wearing a mouthguard when necessary is also important.

A family dentist can help with dental hygiene

We help our patients maintain good dental hygiene. To find out more about how a family dentist can help with dental hygiene, get in touch with us today.

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