3 Myths About Smile Makeovers and Tooth Straightening

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A customized smile makeover can improve your appearance and give you a beautiful smile. If you have crooked teeth or spaces between your teeth, they can be straightened and aligned using braces or clear aligners and later on improved with veneers. Braces and clear aligners are popular tooth-straightening options that can help solve your dental problems. Tooth straightening combined with other procedures depending on your needs can give you a healthy, beautiful smile.


People considering tooth straightening should learn as much as possible about the process and the different treatment options. Having the right information will allow a person to make the right decision. There are many misconceptions about tooth straightening. It is important to sort fact from fiction. Here are three common myths about tooth straightening.

Office visits are not necessary

The health of the teeth, jaws and gums cannot be monitored if a person is never seen by a dentist. Even carefully planned treatments have to be closely monitored to make sure the treatment stays on course. These visits are important because they will allow a dentist to detect problems early and treat them. Sometimes a mid-course treatment correction may be needed.

Regular examinations and checkups will help a patient avoid many serious problems. Moving teeth is not an easy process. It needs start-to-finish supervision. Today’s technology has allowed patients to extend intervals between appointments, which is convenient. A patient with braces is usually required to see a dentist about every month in order to ensure the braces are exerting enough pressure on the teeth. People wearing aligners are supposed to go for a checkup about every six to 10 weeks.

Tooth straightening takes several years

Tooth straightening requires careful, controlled movements of the teeth in order to ensure the teeth are moving to the desired positions. A dentist has the experience, skill and training to deliver good results in the shortest time possible. Simple cases may take only a few months to treat whereas more complex cases could take longer. On average, straightening teeth using clear aligners takes between 10 and 24 months. Adults who had braces when they were young and the teeth only shifted slightly may only need aligners for 10 weeks.

Tooth straightening is just for kids

Patients of all ages can benefit from having teeth straightened. Tooth straightening is a viable option for almost any adult. Clear aligners are custom-built for patients, which makes them ideal for teens and adults. Braces are also good for adults. The mechanical process used to move teeth with them is the same at any age. Braces can benefit both adults and children.

Visit your dentist

Whether you decide to get braces or clear aligners, make sure you visit your dentist regularly. This will help to make sure there are no complications. Age should not be a concern when it comes to getting a beautiful healthy smile. Tooth straightening can take several months to a few years depending on the conditions that need correcting and the treatment option. In the case of a smile makeover, your dentist can combine several dental techniques to achieve a great smile. If you want a smile makeover that can improve your appearance, schedule an appointment with your dentist today.

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