Common Causes of Bad Oral Health

The causes of poor oral health should not be a mystery. If you attempt to perform a self-diagnosis of your poor oral health issues by searching the web, you might end up even more confused. The purpose of this article is to increase patient awareness of potential threats to oral health. This guide might clue you into what you are doing wrong in the context of oral health. If anything is wrong with your oral health, do not assume you can identify the problem and treat it on your own. Always consult with our dentist for an accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment.

The failure to floss is one of the primary causes of bad oral health

Those who criticize flossing enjoy pointing out the fact that many studies have been completed to verify its importance. Studies have been conducted to evaluate the usefulness of flossing as nearly everyone who knows anything about oral health is in agreement flossing is essential for a clean and healthy mouth. Flossing removes those pesky food particles trapped between the teeth that the bristles of a toothbrush cannot reach.

Bad oral health often results from the failure to brush in the proper manner

Most people are unaware of the fact that brushing sessions should last a minimum of two minutes. Brush your teeth a minimum of two times each day. If you have enough discretionary income to purchase an electric toothbrush, set its timer for two minutes at the start of each brushing session. This way, you will not wonder whether your brushing sessions are the cause of your bad oral health.

If your oral health problems persist after you have increased your brushing sessions to a full two minutes, your insufficient or otherwise flawed brushing technique in the past might not be the exact cause of your poor oral health. It is not enough to merely brush for two full minutes. Clean the entirety of your teeth during brushing sessions. Clean the front, top, back and sides of every tooth. Move your toothbrush in circular motions as opposed to swiping it horizontally or vertically across your chompers.

Skipping your daily mouthwash rinse has the potential to compromise your oral health

The vast majority of dentists and dental hygienists swear by mouthwash. Mouthwash moves into those cramped spaces between the teeth and the gums to wash away food debris, bacteria, plaque and other gunk in the mouth.

Reduce your intake of sugar and acid-laden foods and beverages

Your diet does affect your oral health. The consumption of acidic and sugary foods will compromise your tooth and gum health. You do not have to cut out all sweet and acidic foods and beverages completely. Be mindful of the fact that sugary and acidic treats will compromise your oral health. Indulge in these delicious delights with a straw to limit their contact with your teeth. It will also help to rinse with water or mouthwash after consuming acidic or sugary foods and beverages.

Call our dental office to schedule your next dental appointment

Give our office a call to find out what is causing your oral health problems. We will perform a full analysis of your mouth to pinpoint the problem(s) and potential cause(s). Reach out to us today to coordinate an appointment.

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