Seeing an Emergency Dentist for Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth, known as an avulsed tooth, is an unexpected but common occurrence that requires a visit to an emergency dentist. This most often occurs due to an injury or trauma. Patients who have an avulsed tooth need to take proper care to ensure it can be saved and reattached with no issues.  What […]

Mouth Guards Keep Your Teeth Safe From Damage

Mouth guards will help ensure that you continue to have a great day, no matter what sport you play. Mouth Guards When it comes to protecting your teeth during sports and other activities, a mouth guard is the solution you need. No matter how careful people may be when playing outside, accidents happen. We can […]

Reasons that people need to floss once per day

Dental Practice Even though brushing your teeth can help to keep them clean and healthy, the bristles on a brush cannot reach all areas of the teeth. The cracks between teeth are notorious for catching bits of food that can form plaque. Dental floss can reach between the teeth and help benefit your oral health. […]